About us

Neftegazdetal LLC was founded in 2001 in Chaykovsky, Perm Region, for producing heat induction bent tubular elements intended for main oil and gas pipelines being under construction or planned for repair.


As for the plant, its location meets the following criteria:

  • Availability of mainline railroads
  • Availability of mainline water channels
  • Availability of any junction points of neighboring main gas and oil pipelines.


Neftegazdetal LLC supplies bent tubular elements for the main oil and gas pipelines since 2004 including corrosion-resistant bent branches delivered since November, 2005.
Bent tubular elements produced by Neftegazdetal LLC are sold out to all regions and to the CIS countries including such partners as North-European Gas Pipeline and Eastern Siberia - the Pacific Ocean.

Neftegazdetal LLC continuously maintains its business relationships with principal clients providing them with high-quality bent tubular element products intended for highly significant main gas and oil pipelines.