Protective face coating

Protective face coating of 50 to 1400 mm pipes, piping lines, joints (tubular elements, T-joints, adapters, bottoms) and mounting units intended for constriction of main pipeline; such coating meets the requirements set out in TU specs 1469-014-56802935-2013 (for Gazprom Public Company), TU specs 2313-009-56802935-2011 (for Transneft JSC), and TU specs 2313-019-56802935-2015 (for Rosneft JSC).

Corrosion-proof polyurethane (UR) and epoxy (EP) materials recorded in the registers of Gaprom Public Company, Transneft JSC, and Rosneft JSC.

The «application temperature» shall mean storage, construction and operation temperature and tolerances (+-) as set forth

in the requirements of Transneft JSC, Gazprom Public Company, and Rosneft JSC.

* - operating temperature of Primer ЕР -6+ Protegol UR Coating 32-55 R (L).

** - used as additional coating ultraviolet exposure protection.